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Stage 1: Seed capital


The descriptor “seed” is appropriate, since it suggests money that will fuel a startup’s growth down the road. At this point, the leaders of a startup may not have any commercially available product yet and are instead most likely focused on convincing investors why their ideas are worthy of investor support.


Seed funding rounds are typically small and are channelled toward research and development of an initial product. The money may also be used for conducting market research or expanding the team. There are seed accelerators out there, like Blackwood's Beta LaB Accelerator, that accept applicants, provide business assistance, shared workspaces and help acquire seed capital and offer an opportunity to demo a solution to major investors.


Stage 2: Startup capital


This stage is similar to the seed stage. With initial market analysis conducted and business plans in place, companies look to begin marketing and advertising the product and acquiring customers.


Organizations at this stage likely have at least a sample product available. Funding may be diverted to acquiring more management personnel, fine-tuning the product/service or conducting additional research.


As you Capital Partner Blackwood assists with getting it righ from the very beginnning which helps prevent comlications and legal challenges down the road.


As Investment Partner we provide excellent returns.  As a Business Partner we accelerate our Portfolio Companies to market leadership.

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