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For our investors and key trading partners the key difference with Blackwood is you can expect incredibly tight risk limits though our evaluation process of our the massive deal-flow that we come into contact with.  We refuse to rush into a deal unless we are satisfied the portfolio company candidate has demonstrated it is capable of success.  What we seek from our project candidates are:

» Value  Creation for the Investors

» Understanding of the obstacles ahead

» Management team's "coach-ability"

» Passion for their business

» Competitive advantage

» Flat management hierarchy

» Intellectual property protection

» Incredibly flexible team

» Clear path to monetization

» Simple to understand business

Our Network


We have an extensive network

of  key influencers capable of accelerating companies

Our Planning


We help create a winning business and strategic plan capable of sustainable growth.

Our Development


Product and Service Development is the core of our DNA and we have the team to bring any idea to reality

Our Production


Finding the correct path to production at the lowest possible cost can make or break and organization

Our Take-off


As our portfolio companies grow we help keep their attention on what is importation...ROI for our Investors.

Our Analysis


Our teams research and analytical skills reduces the risk associated with a transaction.

We couldn't have picked a more perfect partner.  They stayed involved and help decide the perfect time to take on investors.


Great team!

Harvey Huevel,

CEO & Chariman

Smart Baking Company

They took some very complex, cutting-edge molecular biology and reduced it to simple, easily understood concepts without violating the underlying science to produce a very compelling story.

Dr. Jim Thacker

President & Chief Science Officer


Blackwood not only help find the investors I needed but they also took the time to explain all of the details and how the transactions would  impact my company. I's happy to be a Partner with them.

Jose L Aponte

President & Master Distiller

JLA Distillery

Our Difference at glance

Our Experience for Portfolio Companies ?

Why Choose Blackwood as your Capital Partner?


As Investment Partner we provide excellent returns.  As a Business Partner we accelerate our Portfolio Companies to market leadership.

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