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Stage 3: Early stage/first stage/second stage capital


Though sometimes called “A Round” this stage of funding only comes after the Seed and Startup rounds in most cases. Funding received at this stage will often go toward manufacturing and production facilities, sales and more marketing.


The amount invested here may be significantly higher than during prior stages. At this point, the company may also be moving toward profitability as it pushes its products and advertisements to a wider audience.


Stage 4: Expansion stage/second stage/third stage capital


Growth is often exponential by this stage. Accordingly, VC funding serves as more fuel for the fire, enabling expansion to additional markets (e.g., other cities or countries) and diversification and differentiation of product lines.


With a commercially viable product, a Company at this stage should be taking in ample revenue, if not showing significant profit. Many companies that get expansion funding have been in business for two to three years.


Stage 5: Mezzanine/bridge/pre-public stage


After reaching this juncture, the company may be looking to go public, given that its products and services have found suitable traction. Funds received here can be used for activities such as: readying the company for Mergers and acquisitions, Price reductions/other measures to drive out competitors, or Financing the steps toward an initial public offering.


If all goes well, all initial investors may sell their shares and end their engagement with the company, having made a healthy return. Many IPOs – think Facebook, Twitter and Yelp – were only possible after years of private individual and VC funding that fueled user and revenue growth.


Blackwood stand ready to become you capital partner and participate in all stage of funding and growth.



As Investment Partner we provide excellent returns.  As a Business Partner we accelerate our Portfolio Companies to market leadership.

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